From operations in Northern New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, you can count on the people of Sargent Corporation to meet the demanding technical challenges of your next heavy earthwork project to produce world class results. The company's savvy team of earthwork professionals ensures that everything goes smoothly. With over one thousand years of project - level management experience, you will get the commitment and expertise you need to make sure your finished project will meet exacting standards and will be worry-free.

Sargent Corporation's wind power services include test pits and site exploration, civil design review and optimization, site work on access roads, wind turbine generator pads, and underground electrical, as well as permitting assistance, erosion and sedimentation control, and final site reclamation. Sargent completed the earthwork for Maine’s first major wind power project at Mars Hill, which includes 28 wind power generating turbines, and 5 miles of access road. Since then Sargent has completed earthwork on Stetson Mountain in Danforth, Maine with 38 turbines and 9 miles of access road; Lempster, New Hampshire with 12 turbines and 5 miles of access road.  And is currently constructing the Kibby Mountain project with 44 turbines and 16 miles of access road.

Sargent Corporation's site preparation projects include a wide variety of tasks including land clearing, erosion control, detention ponds, excavation, grading, retaining walls, paving, concrete work, curbing, storm drainage, water and sewer piping, culverts, and road widening.

Sargent Corporation's highway projects include construction of roadways involving clearing, excavation, embankment cuts and fills, paving,  wetland mitigation construction, storm drainage, sanitary sewer and water lines construction, and signage and traffic signal installation.

Sargent Corporation's public works projects include combined sewer outfall storage facilities for installation of box culverts, and dam construction and demolition, using state of the art demolition equipment.  Installation and/or removal of water lines, sewer lines, storm drainage, and road construction.

Sargent Corporation's airport projects include large amounts of subsurface work, construction of new runways, narrowing and/or widening of runways, excavation, stripping, aggregate, grading, paving, loaming and seeding of runway perimeters, installation of storm drain systems, and lighting. Also, working with tight schedules and having to work with existing open runways and airport staff safely and efficiently is a standard practice.

Sargent Corporation's athletic facilities projects include constructing and design-building new playing fields, installation of artificial turf for fields, track facilities, slipform curbing, custom logos, field drainage piping, lighting, scoreboards, and seating.

Sargent Corporation's underground infrastructure projects include water, sewer, and storm drain installation, reclaiming and paving of roadways after pipeline installation, new curbing and sidewalks, and installation of temporary water services while existing mains are replaced.

Sargent Corporation's landfill projects follow all environmental concerns and procedures. Jobs include excavation and moving of waste, cell liner installation, soil barriers, leachate collection pipes, gas lines, storm drains, berm construction, and rain caps.